5 Tools to Streamline Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing can take up a lot of time. Typically, it’s considered a task that’s given to a single person, or is outsourced to a freelance worker. However, when you have tools available that will help you save time while continuing to post accurate content, you’ll be able to keep costs down and connect with your audience on multiple levels.

Fortunately, there are more than enough popular tools to make your content marketing strategy easier to execute. Check them out below to get started today.


BuzzSumo helps brands evaluate which marketing campaigns and posts gain the most attention. Analytics and statistics help employees understand interactions, like social media shares and backlinks, across every social media outlet. The statistics available also allow you to see what and who is trending.

These features within the BuzzSumo program allow brands to create stronger content for marketing purposes and helps them learn what their audience reacts to in the most positive way. Directing content to your brand’s audience and engaging their minds with the content results will always bring attention to your brand.
Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a tool that’s used to schedule social media posts in advance. It also offers customer service for your many accounts so you can reply to customer inquiries in a timely fashion. The success of posts can be measured by the growth of your audience on the Sprout Social platform.

Social media managers may find this tool quite useful, as posting multiple messages for one client on multiple social media outlets is tedious work. This tool allows the account holder to post the same message at the same time over multiple social media outlets. It saves time, creates cohesion and maintains brand consistency. Sprout Social also works well for those that require postings on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Separate tools are available for scheduling posts on Instagram.

When creating marketing campaigns, the addition of spoken content and/or video is ideal. With a text-to-speech tool, creating messages for specific demographic markets is likely to have the biggest impact. iSpeech offers the ability to transfer text to speech in more than 20 different languages. As making a global impact is a must for global brands, communicating with locals in International locations expands your audience and leaves a better overall impression with those consumers.

The iSpeech program can be used on mobile platforms as well as the traditional computer. Mobile phone users can also readily access the software to create impromptu marketing messages while on-the-go.

OutBrain helps your content reach larger audiences by working with major media outlets like ESPN and CNN. The program is designed to expand your audience while targeting a specific group within your existing audience.

Modern brands need modern technologies to help make their marketing efforts count, take less time and produce big results.

ClearVoice has been featured on several major media websites like Mashable, Forbes and Huffington Post. This is a complete service that helps create compelling content by expanding on ideas first. ClearVoice technology helps to identify industry influencers that have the heaviest impact on the market. The technology then takes the content created, applies it to the correct group of influencers, and analyzes the competition’s content marketing results.

The service helps create solutions to existing marketing strategies to increase success and create new methods to gain more attention from your brand’s niche audience.

Victoria Heckstall

Source: http://tech.co/tools-streamline-content-marketing-2016-06